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High-Capacity Module without Relay Card


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If you want to configure the 1586A yourself to work with the 1586-2586 High-Capacity Module, you will need a relay card. However, if you already have a slot in the back panel of the 1586A configured for use with the 1586-2586, then you don’t need another relay card. You can simply slide the 1586-2586 High-Capacity Module into the preconfigured slot and begin taking measurements. The 1586-2586 High-Capacity Module is designed with universal input channels to measure temperature, resistance, dc voltage, and dc current for data acquisition applications where channel count and scan speed are important. 

Maximum Input
50 V
Offset Voltage
<2 μV
3-Wire Internal Resistance Mismatch 
<50 mΩ
Basic CJC Accuracy 
0.6 °C


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