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DAQ-STAQ Mutiplexer, Adapter Card, Interface Cable


DAQ-STAQ 멀티플렉서, 아답터 카드, 인터페이스 케이블

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The kit contains everything you need to connect a DAQ-STAQ multiplexer to your 1586A mainframe. The DAQ-STAQ is designed for high-accuracy measurements in secondary temperature calibration labs. Easily connect/disconnect thermocouples, PRTs and thermistors. There are twenty mini-jack thermocouple inputs and gold-plated PRT/thermistor connectors for up to 10 4-wire connections.


  • 1586-2588 DAQ-STAQ Multiplexer
  • Adapter Card
  • Interface Cable



Maximum Input

50 V

Offset Voltage

<2 μV

3-Wire Internal Resistance Mismatch 

<50 mΩ

Basic CJC Accuracy 

0.25 °C


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